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19th-Aug-2011 02:15 pm - In which nerds attend conventions
After the uh...strange week on the island, Otakukukuthon was amazing! I had never been to a trilingual anime convention before, but to see so many people speak Japanese, English and French which I understood none of was really amazing.

A few people made fun of my name. There were many panels and workshops which I was able to attend and I took picture of all the digimon cosplayers for the Digimon Snap panel. I won second place and got a wall scroll.

And the Gundam panel it was...it was something else! Having the entire cast of Turn-A-Gundam was an experience I will never forget, they even answered my admittedly very nerdy question.

I even got a bit of fanart made, and there were a few girl artists offering a 'get yourself drawn as anime' pictures. Really cheap too! I ended up going over-budget again this year, but thankfully I'm used to sleeping on couches and catching a little shut eye here and then when I need it. It saved me up on hotel prices!

I hope everyone's last week was as interesting as mine.
17th-May-2011 04:56 am - In which Otacon wonders what the heck
Does anyone know why I was suddenly removed as the Driver's Education teacher when there's only a final exam left?

I thought I was doing a pretty respectable job of it...that seems odd.
I'm getting all sort of messages from campus about chickens. Should I come back early? I'll be missing the signings but...
19th-Apr-2011 03:24 am - Animu Nerd Indeed
[Otacon has been pretty quiet since Snake has left going back to his hermit self and pondering what he should do next. However, this all took a drastic turn today when he realized that this weekend is an important event.]

GungalCon is being hosted by the nearby city of Silent Hill. I was wondering if any of the teachers and students were interested? Considering it's merely an hour's drive by a bus, it should be easily to leave early and late each day instead of sleeping at a hotel.

[He has no costume this year, alas. This is what moping does to him.]

I wouldn't mind driving everyone there myself, if you'd like!

The price is 10$ for the entire Saturday event and there's signings with all the major voice actors.

[Private to Neris, unhackable]
[Okay Otacon. Be brave. You can do this. You totally can.]
Neris, I was wondering if you would be interested in a date in the park and-

[no no no that's all wrong. He rewrites the last part.]

Neris, I was wondering if you would be interested in a date on the lake. The school has a few boats, we could have a tiny picnic on the side afterwards. It's still cold, but maybe if we put an extra warm shirt on, it won't be a problem.

19th-Mar-2011 07:16 pm - [VIDEO]
I-is everything back to normal? Good. I never thought I would call things normal around here b-but considering the alternatives...

Liquid's not around anymore, is he? I don't think I could take that again...

But I remember a lot of details and...there are a few people I should speak with in the next few days. U-unless you want to talk with me first...it's hard to explain...

[He then turns off the camera, unsure what else to say.]

[Private message to Neris, unhacklabe]

Are you free this weekend?
4th-Mar-2011 09:57 am - AU with a twist.
...wasn't I on a bus just a few minutes ago? Someone asking me to pull my finger....did it just send me back here?

Why do all my computers say it's 2011...I don't remember taking this photo with Neris...

[Private, old codec number]
Snake? Snake do you read me?
Pondering possibilities
Talking with Miller it makes me wonder...

..how many of you have tried DDR before? It's a really good music game to practice your rhythm capabilities. Maybe I could set up a hacked demo in the lounge...

[Private to Snake, unhackable]

WHY IS METAL GEAR REX HERE. Kyle Hyde of all people gave me the guys I don't...was my other self really that dumb?

[Calling yourself dumb is, admittedly, really weird.]
10th-Jan-2011 03:27 am - [Watching anime solves everything.]
Serious, Angry
[And thus thanks to Kyle's hide...Christmas gift (more like a nightmare) Otacon has found out there is a Metal Gear REX hidden in a nearby Island and his other self was really, really INGREDIBLY DERANGED, that would be the only way to explain it logically, if at all. First the biology tests, now this? Was this other self really Otacon at all?

Either way, he felt already uncomfortable with the thought of Metal Gear REX being somewhere. At least it's a bit safer than right in the school but it's not...what a mess. Snake should have told him. Or maybe he figured Otacon would find out on his own.

...he's going to just watch some anime now on two screens and change his mind for a while. Possibly something funny like Majikano Otacon it had a lot of pany shots.]
19th-Sep-2010 10:19 pm(no subject)
Did anyone loose a  wizard robe and cape?

I think a lot of us seem to have misplaced clothing so I won't even begin to wonder where mine went...If you found a green shirt and very simple black jeans, they are mine. The glasses too. I don't think this monocle is my prescription...
16th-Sep-2010 10:31 pm - Backdated Tuesday
Ahhh why?!, Sob

I'm really sorry for this weekend! I was marathoning the entire series run of Oh My Goddess, and we were mostly locked in my room eating ramen and not...I really thought nothing would happen this weekend or I would have helped.... I promise not to be this unprepared again, I'll check the school network more often!

I'm just glad everyone is alright!
10th-Aug-2010 02:00 am - [Video Post]
Hacking ur internets
[There is a smiling face looking at the camera, Otacon is playing with it for a few seconds in complete fascination before talking.]

H-hello! My name is Otacon, and I somehow ended up to this school just a few weeks ago. I'm still not sure why it happened. I'm a bit overwhelmed by everything here, this place is so fascinating! A bit dangerous at times, like that huge talking dragon.... [He pushes up his glasses.]

I'm just...very fascinated by it all. This school is nothing like I have seen in my life! It's just like one of my japanese animes where half of the students are aliens! Not that I am calling you all aliens, please don't take this the wrong way, I mean no disrespect, I promise. But everyone treats all of these events as if it was normal. Even Snake laughed when I told him about time travel and he just brushed it off! Now, I know he's used to the unusual but to call a pair of giant talking hands perfectly normal...

You all know who Snake is right? I'm his friend! [He points to himself with a smile, and then pushes his glasses up again, Otacon you are so stupid]

A-anyway, I think I'm just rambling at this point. I was never a good public speaker. I was never good with a public either... S-so I'll be teaching Driver's Education and I'll be aiding with computer repairs. I think the previous Otacon taught that, so they just said I would take over his duties? I don't understand why a school needs driver's education in the first polace when so many of you must have already passes your tests but...I will do my best! I'm still getting use to this technology...I'm always amazed at the changes that happen, even if it's only been five years since my time.

[There is another smile]

The firefly festival was so amazing!
[Beams with pride] I won a dolphin for Neris...I-I've never been good at carnival games, but I finally did it! I'm just...really happy to be here.

I hope I'll continue to find this place interesting for the next weeks too!

Does anyone know which store I could get ramen?
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